Friday, June 29, 2007

Girl's Blood Tests Negative for Acting

At summer camp, Haley Wilcox, 9, snagged the role of a reporter covering the trial of the Big Bad Wolf. She says that she's genetically disposed to tread the boards.

"I have acting in my blood because my ancestors are Lillian and Dorothy Gish," Wilcox said.

Wilcox, the daughter of Kelly and Curt Wilcox of Galesburg, said she's done plays in school before but this is her first "real performance." [Link]
Sisters Lillian and Dorothy both died childless and—unless the father who abandoned them planted his seed elsewhere—had no siblings aside from each other. Since she's only 9, I won't relentlessly mock Haley for her dubious claim, and will concede that she could be a far-removed cousin of the two actresses.



Why is it that people have such difficulty in understanding that the terms, "a descendant" and "a distant relative" do not mean the same thing?



Even worse is how often newspapers confuse "ancestor" with "descendant"—even in headlines!

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