Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Have No Confidence in His Spelling

Cecilio Morales explains that, in addition to suffering from memory lapses, embattled AG Alberto Gonzales is also spelling his last name wrong. First off, it should end in "ez."

Surnames ending in az, ez, oz or iz are all patronymics. That’s a word from the Greek meaning “father’s name.”
Second, he's missing a critical diacritic.
Gonzalez, the real name, carries a diacritical or accent mark over the a. That’s for the well-known rule that words stressed in the penultimate syllable are accented if they do not end in a vowel or the consonants n or s.

So what do we do with the name-mangling attorney general? Purists insist that since the name ought to be Gonzalez, Gonzales should have an accent. [Link]

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