Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lousy Place to Park a Car

Bad news from Tulsa about the Plymouth Belvedere buried next to the courthouse in 1957, and due to be exhumed on Friday.

Workers lifted the vault's lid Wednesday morning to find about two feet of standing water and indications the vault may have been filled to the rim sometime during the past half-century.

The car itself remained encased in several layers of purportedly water-tight material, its precise condition a mystery. The outline of the Belvedere's trademark tailfins was clearly visible under the coverings, but hopes for recovering the car in something like pristine condition faded. [Link]
For what it's worth, you can watch Friday's unveiling live on the Intertubes via links at the Tulsarama! website. You can see lots of pics of the soggy mess here and here.

Curiously, the car was buried with a "bottle of tranquilizer pills in the glove compartment."
The tranquilizer pills got into the act when the committee decided to make the auto typical by stocking the glove compartment with the contents of a woman's handbag.

The pills showed up along with 14 bobby pins, a compact, cigarettes and matches, two combs, an unpaid parking ticket, a tube of lipstick, a package of gum, a plastic rain hat, pocket facial tissues and $2.73 in bills and coins. [Link]

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