Sunday, June 03, 2007

Not a Life Well Lived

Genealogists Julie Coley and Lynn Wright read a story about a toddler rescued from a deep well in 1918, and knew they had to find out what became of him. It took them a couple of weeks to find the answer.

They began peeling back the layers of time, looking for a young boy named Jack Kee or Jack Key.

Wright pored over old census records while Coley searched through newspaper clippings, birth certificates and death certificates. They both made phone calls to surprised strangers.
The boy, it turned out, was Andrew Fleming Key, who lived a "life of drinking and petty crime," and "always kept a loaded pistol in the front seat and a good supply of whiskey nearby" while driving.
Once during the hunt for the boy in the well, Wright had a clue that the boy might have grown up to be a prisoner of war. Wrong Jack Key.

"That would have been a story," he said. [Link]

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