Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Leashes Have Gotten Shorter

An article on children's "right to roam" maps the meanderings of four generations of eight-year-olds in one English family.

The oldest member, George, was allowed to roam for six miles from home unaccompanied when he was eight.

His home was tiny and crowded and he spent most of his time outside, playing games and making dens.
His son-in-law, Jack Hattersley, 63, was also given freedom to roam.

He was aged eight in 1950, and was allowed to walk for about one mile on his own to the local woods. Again, he walked to school and never travelled by car. [Link, via Boing Boing]
I turned eight in 1977, and was too busy watching Roots and compiling my family history to walk anywhere but cemeteries.

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