Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recovering the Clan

King James VI decreed that the Clan Gregor be "altogidder abolished" in 1603.

The gentry were encouraged to hunt down Gregors who refused to change their surnames and a price of 1,000 merks - a fortune - was put on the heads of clan leaders, with 100 merks for other clan members.
Now, DNA technology is allowing the clan to bring its lost members out of hiding.
The DNA profile of a known descendent of the chief's line - the MacGregors of Glencarnoch - is being used as the benchmark for the vital tests. He is known simply by the codename Kit 2124.

And the council of the Clan Gregor Society has announced that it will admit to full membership of the society anyone who can prove they share 31 out of the 37 DNA markers in common with the main MacGregor bloodline profiler - irrespective of their surname. [Link]

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