Monday, June 25, 2007

A Viking-Inca Link?

The Vikings were great seafarers, but could they have traveled all the way to Peru and brought back an Inca? Archaeologists pulled up some rose bushes at the old St. Nicolas church in Sarpsborg, Norway, and came upon an unusual skull.

"A particular bone at the back of the head was not fused. This is an inherited trait found almost exclusively among the Incas of Peru," [Mona Beate] Buckholm added. To this day, no other example of this trait has been found in Norway. "While it is tempting to speculate, seeing as St. Nicolas is the patron saint of sailors, it's hard to imagine a Peruvian making his way here at the time. This is quite puzzling." [Link]

Jo McAdams

I know most think this is hard to believe, but recently I decided to have my DNA genetics done. Low and behold among all the European and Scandanavian is Peruvian in my DNA dating almost a 1,000 years ago. Been researching since and found this! So, maybe I'm living proof that there's something to this.

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