Thursday, June 28, 2007

Were Your Relatives in the Movies?

"Willowbob" is using YouTube to identify relatives who appeared in his grandparents' home movies (Parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7).

If you had any relatives in the USA in the 50s or 60s named BOOKE LEVY HANIFORD ROSENBLATT ROSENGARD MILLER GOLDBERG HEIN ALTMAN COPPACK, they MAY just be related to the people in this cinefilm that my British grandparents visited in California, Vegas and New York (Buffalo) over 50 years ago.

It may be a longshot, but it would be AMAZING if I could contact anybody from the family tree I have containing over 200 names. It's never too late for a reunion! Who knows? You may just be watching your grandparents right now!
On a less genealogical note, he asks if anyone can identify the TV show or movie being filmed in this clip.


Hello Christopher.
I'am a U.S expat who lives in France. I have been doing ( or at least trying to do !) my U S ancestry for several years.
I'am also VERY hooked on genealogy.

I enjoy your blog; I end up here about every day or two. Very nice..
I have a good time with your posts, and I share some of them with hubby, who also is a genealogist in his spare time.

Keep up the great work. Thanks so much for indexing my genealogy blog in your genealogy blog diectory.

Have a nice day.


I've been perusing your blog and I think its great. I'm learning lots of very cool information.



Those are my husband's relatives! His grandparents were Haniford and Goldberg. How do I contact "Willowbob"? I've been looking for a connection for years - hope I'm not too late for this one. Waiting for a reply in Calgary.


The videos have been removed, but I believe that you can send "Willowbob" a message from this page.


Chris, My goodness you are prompt! Thank you. Not sure how to msg Willowbob - have clicked everything and nothing seems to forward me or allow me to send a msg. Any suggestions much appreciated. Alice


Hi Chris,
Have joined YouTube and sent Willowbob a msg there. Fingers crossed. Now I can explore and enjoy your site!


Here's a direct link to send a message. You'll need to have a YouTube account to do so.

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