Monday, July 09, 2007

Genealogy? Never Heard of It

The State of Indiana is planning to move a small cemetery in Castleton to make way for a highway expansion. Some local Whitesells are wondering if they're related to the Whitesells moldering there.

According to Curt Whitesell, the family wants proof that the people buried there, are indeed, part of the family. "We'd like to know. Can we do tests? DNA tests? How can we be a part of it to know yay or nay?"

And while it's uncertain that the living Whitesells are related to the buried Whitesells, the possibility thrills a family in search of their roots. [Link]
If only there was a way to figure out if these people are related—maybe by studying old records or something. But I'm sure no one has ever bothered to research the Whitesells of Marion County, Indiana.

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