Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Not Ready to Go Steady

I'm in the middle of a year-long transcription project for my Maine Genealogy website that requires that I take hundreds of digital photos of typewritten records on microfilm. My method is as follows:

  1. Hold camera against edge of microfilm reader while focusing on image.
  2. Squeeze shutter release without moving camera.
  3. Take second photo of same image because I probably moved camera.
Nine times out of ten, one of the two photos is usable. Unfortunately, I can only take about 100 photographs (of 50 pages of records) before my hands get shaky and the photos get fuzzy.

Too bad the GSC Associates Microfilm Camera Mount won't work on either model of microfilm reader I use. For just $30.95, it seems like an affordable alternative to per-page printer fees. As for me, I'll stick to my method, and maybe drink fewer cans of Red Bull before visiting the archives.

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