Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Melody in Your DNA

The web's most Practical Archivist Sally Jacobs tipped me off to an effort at UCLA to turn human genetic code into music. The goal at Gene2Music is to "convert genome-encoded protein sequences into musical notes in order to hear auditory protein patterns."

In addition to the primary goal, we also aim to use this conversion to help make protein sequences more approachable and tangible for the general public and children. The project also opens opportunities for visually impaired scientists to access protein sequences more readily.
If they turned my genetic code into music, I would hope it would sound like a Led Zeppelin tune. But it would probably sound like the I Dream of Jeannie theme.


Led Zeppelin, eh? The first tune that came to mind when I thought about your genetic code being set to music was the theme to the movie Goldfinger... guess I associate you with James Bond ;-)

Well, at least it's not the theme to I Dream of Jeannie!

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