Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Grandpas Are All at the Mall

If you need a photograph of a male ancestor, be sure to visit the Time & Again Antique Mall in Chetek, Wisconsin. David P. Sorenson was strolling there with his wife when he overheard an employee discussing a previous customer's experience.

The woman, Barb Moore of Kenai, Alaska, had walked into the antique mall and found a photograph hanging in a shop of an individual she recognized as her grandfather. After doing some more research, she later confirmed that the man was indeed her grandfather.
Sorenson then looked at some photographs in the mall, and spotted a familiar face.
Crazy as it may seem, the man in the picture was Gustav Sorenson, Sorenson's great-grandfather, who had apparently posed for a photograph while he was in the Norwegian army in 1891. Gustav had later come to Rice Lake and homesteaded, and met his wife Dortea, who was from the Dallas area.

"I was dumbfounded," said Sorenson. "What are the chances of that happening? That picture was over 125 years old." [Link]

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