Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Perfect Place for a Picnic

At Shiloh Cemetery in Rusk County, Texas, they've been holding a picnic every summer for 132 years. More than 300 relatives of cemetery residents attended this year's event.

[I]n 1876, a tradition was born when Mrs. Susan Vaughn Pierce, wife of Wylie Pierce, and "Granny" Jeffrey met with friends to clean the cemetery. They always packed a lunch since the cemetery cleaning was an all day affair. The idea spread, and others brought lunches, and the "Shiloh Picnic", as it became known, grew larger and larger. The picnic has since then been held every 4th of July and is celebrated by all of those families connected to the Shiloh area by family ties.

Two concession stands were built where refreshments were sold to provide money for the work of caring for the cemetery. [Link]
I think every cemetery should have a concession stand or two.


And a bathroom. Have you ever transcribed a large cemetery? Even the smaller ones could use bathrooms. I've only transcribed one cemetery that had a portapotty.

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