Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rose Rent in Arrears

Franklin County, Pennsylvania, owes the Chambers family a big bouquet.

Three Chambersburg churches make a big production of paying their annual rent of one rose to the descendants of town founder Benjamin Chambers each year, but Franklin County may owe a rose rent too -- and if so it's more than 200 roses behind.

For years, the late John F. George talked about a deed he ran across in the county's register of wills and recorder of deeds office when the county was putting all its old deed books on microfilm.

That deed, which transferred two lots to the newly formed Franklin County for use for a county courthouse and jail, also contains a rose rent stipulation.
The rose rent stipulation calls for an annual rent of one rose to be paid on June 28. [Link]
This curious custom inspired a mystery novel a few years ago.
[Thanks, Nancy!]

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