Sunday, July 01, 2007

She Could Be Di's Double

The Daily Mail has an article about Di Foster, a woman who resembles the late Princess Diana. Genealogist Nick Barratt and historian Saul David figured out that the two Dis are related.

Tracing her family tree back 11 generations to the early 1700s, they have proved that Di Foster is descended from a member of the aristocratic Churchill family, who married into the Spencer family – ancestors of the Princess of Wales – in the early 18th Century. All of which means the two women were cousins.
The two women, just four years apart in age, had similar hairstyles and facial features and were both tall and slim.

'I used to complain that she was copying me,' Di said with a smile. [Link]
In related news, I am the spitting image of my 29th cousin thrice removed George Clooney.


Oh you handsome devil you!!! And all this time I pictured you looking like John Travolta ;-)


No, I look nothing like my 37th cousin John Travolta. But Brad Pitt and I could be brothers—except that we're actually 53rd cousins, seven times removed.



OMG I just spit my coffee on the keyboard because of you lol



Now you've made me feel guilty, Janice. If necessary, try this.

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