Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Village That Never Was

Many residents of Danville, New Hampshire, believe that a village called Tuckertown was founded there in 1760 only to be wiped out by a smallpox epidemic about a decade later. Curt Springer and Betsy Sanders think it never existed.

"I think it was a fairy tale," Springer said. "People needed a good story, and somehow that got embellished into being Tuckertown."

Springer and Sanders, who help oversee the Tuckertown Road area because it is part of the town forest, have done a great deal of research, trying to find out if Tuckertown ever really existed.

They note that it was never mentioned in any public records and that there are no cellar holes in the area that indicate any sort of village.

"There is no evidence," Springer said. "How do you prove something is real if it doesn't exist?" [Link]


Whoops... I guess this means they will be leaving Tuckertown Road off of their "historical trail" map :D


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