Friday, July 13, 2007

Where Is Butch Buried?

Bill Betenson's great-grandmother was the sister of outlaw Butch Cassidy, and it was from her that he learned that Cassidy didn't die in Bolivia in a hail of bullets.

"She (Lula Parker Betenson) was adamant that he came back," he said. "I support her."

Lula Parker Betenson never divulged where her brother was buried. She wanted to keep the curious away, but took heat for keeping the secret.

Betenson has some ideas about where Cassidy is buried. But he's not talking. [Link]

My great grandfather, AC Folster, was a friend of Lula Parker Betenson when she lived in Ephraim, UT after having sold the Parker ranch.

Unfortunately, he didn't find out anything more about Butch than anyone else. But he said that she insisted he returned alive.

The ranch still exists in Marysvale Canyon, UT. It's still even got a quaint little cabin on the property. Curiously, there is no historical marker. But I'd wager he's buried somewhere nearby.


Maybe this news will convince Paul Newman to come out of retirement and film a sequel!

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