Thursday, August 02, 2007

Antarctic Ancestors

Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew came within 97 miles of the South Pole on a 1908-09 expedition. Now six relatives of the team members are setting out to finish the trip, hauling their own supplies and carrying Shackleton's own compass.

Besides [Shackleton great-great-nephew Will] Gow, the group includes Shackleton's great-grandson, Patrick Bergel, 36, who works in advertising; Henry Adams, 33, a shipping lawyer and great-grandson of Jameson Adams; Tim Fright, 24, an MA student and great-great-nephew of Frank Wild; David Cornell, 38, a fund manager and another great-grandson of Adams; and ground leader Lt Col Henry Worsley, 46, a soldier in The Rifles, who is hoping to confirm family links to Frank Worsley, Shackleton's navigator on the Endurance. [Link]
The team should stop at Shackleton's Hut if they need provisions.

[Photo credit: The Lordprice Collection]

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