Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caching for Cash

Last October I mentioned that Ancestry.com was scanning the Web for biographical information. Kimberly Powell reports that the company is caching the content it finds behind its subscription firewall.

Ancestry.com is serving up copies of copyrighted work and, to make matters worse, selling this as one of their subscription databases. Because the pages are cached, they are also depriving the Web site and/or content owner of traffic and potential income.
In addition to the concerns Kimberly voices, I wonder if Ancestry.com allows webmasters to forbid caching, as Google does. Permitting website owners to easily opt out is both legally and morally advisable.

From reading my feeds I've learned that Janice at Cow Hampshire and Amy at Untangled Family Roots have both had their content scraped by Ancestry.com. Randy has also weighed in.

Update: "Based on community response," Ancestry.com has decided to make the Internet Biographical Collection free to registered users.

Susan K

Thanks for posting this.

Situation looked into. Links followed. Ancestry.com's home page viewed, screenshotted, parodied. Everything blogged.

Feel free to nab the parody image and post it on your site. :)


Thanks, Susan! Here's the correct link to your spot-on parody.

Susan K

oops. Thanks for the catch. (That which was in our clipboard was in error.)

By the way, you simply MUST mouse over the link I made to your site in the post. I had fun with that particular title tag.


I didn't even notice! I love it!

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