Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caching Trashed

I have little to add to what John, Jasia, Janice and Becky have written about's decision to pull its controversial Internet Biographical Collection.

Whatever the legality of the practice, The Generations Network should have known that caching other people's websites and calling it a "collection" would raise some hackles. Genealogists are a pretty generous bunch—which explains why there is so much genealogical content on the Web to be cached. We have added tons of content to the TGN empire—whether by posting to message boards, submitting family trees, or contributing data to RootsWeb. By reaching for content beyond the borders of its empire, TGN assumed our generosity without the courtesy of a request. In doing so, it confirmed the suspicion of many that operates outside the community of genealogists. And if this two-day tempest proves anything, it's that this is a community to be reckoned with.


Here is Dear Myrtles take on this whole thing at:

Numbers, ranking and



Thanks! Here's a clickable link.

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