Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Challenge Update

No answers yet to my second challenge. I'll admit, it's kind of a tricky problem, so here are a few more clues:

  • All you need is Google (this might also help).
  • Search for John Alfred Ross first, and find an interesting fact about him.
  • By "interesting" I mean it can't possibly be true.
  • Keeping that interesting fact (and the type of page where you found it) in mind, search for Jeremiah J. Pearson.
  • While you're Googling, remember that first names aren't always first, and middle initials can be a nuisance.
  • In John's case, the "interesting fact" may be the result of an error in 2002. In Jeremiah's case, the error occurred in 1842 or thereabouts.

John K

Chris, I had some fun with this one!

The two men share an impossible date... Jeremiah J. Pearson apparently died on 31 Feb 1842 (see the picture at and, according to the transcription of Old Burnet Cemetery in Burnet, TX, John Alfred Ross was born on 31 Feb 1842. (See The transcription was done in 2002.


Yes! See my additional comments over at the original post.


Just googling the date "31 Feb 1842" yields 6 hits, so I tried a few other years. There are some pages which contain a February 31 date for every year I tried, including 2007. For dates since the 1960s, you get a lot of hits, most of which aren't actual dates, though there are always a few.

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