Friday, August 24, 2007

Einstein's Theory of Relativity Clarified

A recent interview with aviation exec Kristen Einstein calls her "the great-grandniece of Albert Einstein (yes, the Albert Einstein)."

So how are you related to Albert Einstein?

He's my grandfather's father's brother. We had a family tree done and all that. My brother is the last male, and I'm the last female right now.

Really? In the whole family?

What kind of a reaction do you get when they find out you're actually related?

People will say, "No way!" I wouldn't make up someone who I'm related to!
A clarification from her father, Dennis Einstein, was published the next day.
He ... said that while he is a descendant of Albert Einstein, the connection is more distant than what his daughter stated. Kristen Einstein said she had repeated what another family member had told her about the connection. [Link, via Regret the Error]


Einstein's Theory of Relativity


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