Monday, August 20, 2007

Former Princess Not a Pauper

Fellow blogger Demetrius Clark of Your Brother Kings noticed an error in an article about his relatives published in the Port Huron, Michigan, Times Herald. His correction appeared in Sunday's edition.

Eber Brock Ward's daughter, Clara, became something of a celebrity after her 1890 marriage to a Belgian prince. In my article, I repeated the often-told story that Clara died penniless after squandering her father's immense fortune.

Not so, Clark assures me.

"This was initially reported after her death, but turned out to merely be the end some people thought she had coming, given the life she led," he wrote. "According to a New York Times article from Dec. 23, 1916, she left an estate of well over a million dollars. It was, perhaps, only a portion of what she started out with, but she was far from poor, especially in those times." [Link]
And what a life she led.

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