Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #10

Ogden Driggs had a very eventful trip to Europe when he was a boy.

Why did his family have to leave Continental Europe in a hurry, and what famous person came home to America on the same ship?


The Driggs family had to leave Paris because the Germans had invaded France. They spent six months in England before returning to the US on Feb. 23, 1915 on the S.S. St Paul. Robert Frost and family were also on the ship.


Ogden Driggs was aboard the St. Paul when it returned to NYC 13 Feb. 1915. Poet Robert Frost and his family were also aboard. I'm guessing the quick return was due to the outbreak of WWI.


Arrival date was the 23rd of Feb.


Ogden Driggs traveled on the USS St. Paul from Liverpool, leaving Great Britain on 13 Feb 1915, along with poet Robert Frost & family. Just 3 days before, Germany had declared all waters surrounding Great Britain as a war zone. Interesting enough, Driggs also traveled as a boy from the Phillipines, via Havana, in 1913 during the height of the Moro Rebellion. On that return voyage he traveled with Chess Master Frank J. Marshall.

Drew Smith

The Driggs family left Continental Europe in February 1915 most likely due to the danger during World War I, and on their ship (the St. Paul) was Robert Frost.


You're all correct! By his own account, Ogden and his family were evacuated to England aboard the U.S. destroyer Tennessee in 1914, and spent six months in England before heading home. He was only nine, so he probably didn't remember seeing Robert Frost aboard ship. Frost was then an up-and-coming poet, having published his first two collections while living in England.

Thanks to kac for pointing out Ogden's earlier brush with war and celebrity. His folks sure knew how to pick vacation spots!

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