Thursday, August 30, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #11

Big Nose Kate lived with a man for two decades, and upon his death was executrix his will.

What were the full names (first, middle and last) of this man and of his estranged wife?


Better known as "Big Nose Kate," Mary Katharine Horony (November 7, 1850–November 2, 1940) also went by the aliases "Kate Fisher," "Kate Elder," and "Mary Katherine Cummings."

Although she was the long-time companion of gunfighter Doc Holliday, she lived with miner John Jesse Howard (August 20, 1845-January 3, 1930) in Dos Cabezas, Cochise Co., Arizona, for over 20 years. When Howard died in 1930, Kate became the executrix of his will. His wife's name was Mary Alvira Vanderwalker.

Drew Smith

John Henry Holliday (better known as "Doc" Holliday), and his wife was Katherine Elder.


Big Nose Kate, aka Kate Elder, aka Mary Cummings, lived with John Jesse Howard and adminstered his estate. His estranged wife was Mary Vanderwalker, according to his death certificate, for which Kate was the informant.


Alvira was Mary Vanderwalker's middle name.


John Jesse Howard and Mary Alvira Vanderwalker were the names I was shooting for. John's death certificate and the birth certificate of his daughter give the names in full.

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