Friday, August 31, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #12

Who was Barnett Kulp's most famous granddaughter?


Sara Lee Schupf of Sara Lee goodies fame.


His most famous granddaughter must have been Sara Lee Schupf, daughter of his daughter Tillie. Tillie's husband Charles started what is now known at the Sara Lee Corp. Tillie insisted that Charles name his cakes after their daughter, Sara Lee.


In the 1930 census, Barnett Kulp has a daughter named Tillie Kulp. Tillie married Charles Lubin, and they had a daughter named "Sara Lee"!!


Sarah Lee Schupf


Barnett Kulp, b. 1 May 1873 USSR, d. 2 Jan 1961 Los Angeles CA. He had sons Harry and Leo, and daughters Tillie and Lillie.

[from Brandeis University, Women's and Gender Studies Program ]
A native of Iowa, Tillie Kulp married Charles Lubin in the late 1930s soon after he had purchased a chain of neighborhood bakeries in Chicago. After the birth of their daughter Sara Lee, the Lubins renamed their company the Kitchens of Sara Lee....Her daughter Sara Lee Schupf served on the Women's Studies Program Board in the 1990s and endowed the Lubin Symposium in her mother's honor.

So answer: Sarah Lee Kulp Schupf, aka origin of current Sarah Lee Corporation and brand.


Sara Lee


Wow, great work guys!

Follow-up question: Is it true that nobody doesn't like Sara Lee?


With regard to your follow-up question: Who is going to admit that he is Nobody?

Only Odysseus, I guess.


Excellent kind-of-obscure classical reference, Laura!

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