Friday, August 17, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #2

The first Genealogue Challenge was so well received, I'm thinking of making it a regular feature.

Here's one that will test your search engine savvy:

Jeremiah J. Pearson and John Alfred Ross have something in common. What is it?

Update: It's something more interesting than "Both were men."

Update: More clues here.


For John Alfred Ross, born 3 Feb 1842, several sites list his death as 31 Mar 1916. A rootsweb page has a photo of his tombstone showing the death date of 7 April 1917, which agrees with the doctor's statement in his pension record.

At, there is a photograph of a tombstone. The text identifies: Pearson, Jeremiah J. with dates 1784-1842. The accompanying photo of the tombstone has Feb 31(sic!), 1842 as his death date, an obvious impossibility. The tombstone also lists his age as 47Y 3M 22D, which would mean he was born in 1794, yet the text says 1784.

The first thing the men have in common is that one died in 1842, the year in which the other was born. If the erroneous "Feb 31" is read as Feb 3, then Pearson died on the day Ross was born. The errors made in the dates are another thing both men have in common.


Good work! John K. also found that Jeremiah died on an impossible date. The transcription of John's stone gives the same date, though this may have been a transcription error.

Thank you both for playing!

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