Monday, August 20, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #3

Here's another challenge to start off your week:

Chef Boyardee's landlady in 1920 was a widow. What was her late husband's name?

For extra credit: When did her husband die?


In answer to your challenge:

Chef Boyardee, otherwise known as Hector Boiardi, lived in Cleveland, OH in 1920. His landlord there was Anna Simonetti. Mrs. Simonetti, and her husband, John, came to this county in 1916. He died in Cleveland on 13 Dec. 1917.


Annie's husband's name was Giovanni or John and he died in 1917, according to the Cleveland Public Library's necrology index.


13 Dec 1917 date of death of John/Giovanni Simonetti, husband of Annie


Chef Boyardee's landlady in 1920 was widow Annina "Annie" Simonetti. Her late husband was Giovanni "John" Simonetti who d. 13 Dec 1917 Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.


Three correct answers!

There are a few free ways to find Giovanni's first name. The easiest is the Cleveland Necrology File, which has the abstracted obit of Anna, "wife of the late John." Ellis Island records show that Anna and her kids were going to meet her husband, Giovanni, in Cleveland in 1916.

Giovanni "John" Simonetti's death date can be found at Ohio Death Certificate Index, 1913 - 1944. If you have access to Ohio death certificates through the FamilySearch Record Search pilot, you'll find that Giovanni was a "warehouseman" for "The May Co." at the time of his death.

I wonder if Anna's kids remembered growing up in the same house as Chef Boyardee.

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