Friday, August 24, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #4

This one is trickier than it appears:

Under what name is Casey Stengel's father listed in the 1880 census?


Are you saying it's not Louis?

Craig Manson

I think Charles Dillion "Casey" Stengel's father, named Louis E. Stengel, is listed as "Emmil" Stengel, born in Dubuque County, Iowa, on the 1880 census.


It is Louis, but it's not Stengel.

Craig, I went down that path as well, but "Amiel" Stengel ended up in McLean County, North Dakota. His brothers don't match either.


Is it Louis Stuehmer? son of Charles?


Nope, not Louis Stuehmer.

This challenge is complicated by the fact that Louis' first name is mistranscribed in the FamilySearch index, and his place of birth is different than in later censuses.

It would be difficult to answer this question with the censuses alone. You may need to check (free) biographical resources online.

Drew Smith

Lucius Wolf. His stepfather was Charles Wolff (appears as Wolf in 1880), and his mother was Kate.


You got it, Drew!

Google Book Search has a snippet from Robert W. Creamer's 1996 biography of Stengel in which his father's parentage is discussed.

I erred in my previous comment: the name is properly transcribed as "Lucius" in the FamilySearch index. The 1870 census for Rock Island, Illinois, does give his name as "Louis." Both of these censuses give his birth place as Illinois, but later enumerations say Iowa.


Good evening. My name is Terry John Stengel and I reside in Wellington, FL. I was born in Shickley, NE. My father is Dale Ernest Stengel. My grandfather was Ernest Stengel and his father was Emmil. Emmil's father was Frederick. As I am informed, Frederick and Charles (Casey's grandfather) were brothers. Casey's father was Louis. This was explained to me by my great Uncle Johnny Stengel and his sister, Gertrude Stengel. The Stengel's originated from Luxembourg. Try this history and see if it fits your genealogical Rubik's Cube. Thank you.

2Slipry wife corrected brother named, Louis. Casey had a sister, Louise and older brother Grant. Apologies...late.

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