Saturday, August 25, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #5

Mr. Green Jeans (who was not Frank Zappa's father) was Captain Kangaroo's wingman for thirty years.

What was his father's middle name?




That would be Perry ... via the 1910 census, which provides the father's first name and middle initial, and then the WWI draft registration, which gives the middle name.qmoqckgx


His middle name was Perry. It can be found on his WWI draft card.


Born in 1874, Married in 1907. If I am correct, his middle name rhymes with a popular variant on his wife's first name.

It was nice to end up in the biographical sketch index at a particular genealogical society database. I have a few ancestors who lived in that county; though none of them appear in the index.

Nevada Genealogist

Thomas Perry Brannum
Info from the WWI Draft Card index
Birth Date: 19 Jun 1874

Craig Manson

Thomas Brannum's middle name was Perry.


Yup, it was Perry. It appears on his draft registration card, and also in this index of the 1928 Centennial McKendree College with St. Clair County History, and this abstract of University of Illinois alumni records.


I have a friend who went to school with Mr. Green Jeans' nephew--he called him "Uncle Lumpy." :-)


I grew up watching the Captain and "Uncle Lumpy." I was reminded of this a few days ago when I was channel surfing and stumbled upon a silly Disney Channel show called The Doodlebops. They have a character called Mr. Moosehead who looks very familiar.

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