Monday, August 27, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #7

When outlaw Frank James died in 1915, someone from his hometown served as undertaker.

What was his name, and what kind of business did he operate when not undertaking outlaws?


Edward T. Brant was the undertaker. On the 1920 census, it looks like he had a furniture store--which was also the undertakers in those days. The 1910 census shows him also as a merchant, but I'm not sure what it says--it may be caskets? It looks more like rackets.


James' death certificate names E.T. Brant from Kearney, Missouri, as his undertaker. The only E. T. Brants in Kearney, Missouri in 1920 are Edward T. Brant and his son, and the elder Edward was in the drug store business. Am I right? Huh? Huh?

As a side note, I swear it looks like his occupation is that of a "fountain" in the 1920 census. LOL...I think I need glasses bad.


the digital death certificate for Alexander (Frank) James from the MO State archives records the undertaker's name as E.T. Brant.

The 1910 MO census for Kearney records Edward T. Brant as a merchant of what looks to be a "racket" or "rocket" store.

The 1920 Census records him as a teamster, and notes that he owns a store.

The 1930 Census indicates that he owns a drug store.


Tex deciphered Edward T. Brant's 1920 occupation correctly: he ran a furniture store. His business in 1910 was a "racket store"—that is, a variety store.

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