Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hands Off the Heirloom, Kid!

John Keenan has learned that he's descended from one of the most famous of the Salem "witches."

Keenan says it wasn’t till his grandmother passed away and genealogical papers were found in her house, that he discovered his familial ties to Rebecca Nurse.

More evidence was discovered last summer when Keenan’s father sold his home and the basement, which contained some of his grandmother's belongings, was being cleaned out. In the backyard Keenan discovered his 7-year-old son playing with something that appeared to be a silver basket.

“It turned out to be a fiftieth anniversary gift engraved with the names Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Nurse, marked 1840-1890,” Keenan said. “He was putting dirt inside it.” [Link]

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