Saturday, August 04, 2007

He Read the Writing on the Wall

As recently reported, the Sikh tradition of giving every baptized male the name Singh has led to confusion. It also led to Farrukh Dhondy meeting a young lady by the name of Kulvinder Bill-Stickers.

I waited till I was just sufficiently acquainted with her to ask how she came by such a radical name. She said her father had come with a lot of Punjabi immigrants on a ship from Bombay to Southampton some years before and on the voyage he had become sick and tired of being confused with all the other Singhs that were on the ship. He took a private and stubborn vow, as one sometimes irrationally does, to change his name to the first word that he saw when he set eyes on England. The ship docked and from the railings Mr Singh saw the epithet 'BILL-STICKERS WILL BE PROSECUTED' stencilled in paint on a wall. [Link]
[Photo credit: bill stickers sign by noisehead]

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