Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Paris Is One of Us!

Paris Hilton reportedly will attend the Flat Lake Festival later this month in Ireland, where she will research her family tree and find out if she's related to British pop star Lily Allen. Kevin Allen—Lily's uncle and one of the festival's organizers—says, "We believe Paris wants to come to the festival which is at my in-laws' place at Hilton Park, to check out her Irish ancestry. They may be related."

A tongue-in-cheek notice on the Festival website provides other, even more dubious details:

We've ... been informed today of a glamorous visitor to the Festival. After receiving nationwide press interest in the Damien Hirst Art charity auction, We've extended an invitation to Paris Hilton. Sources close to the American star say that Hirst is her favourite conceptual artist and that she may bid for the Hirst painting entered into the auction.

Due to us banning telephone bids though, Miss Hilton will have to personally make the trip to Hilton where she could also confirm an ancestral link to Hilton Park country. Rumour has it that her great grandfather, oil tycoon, Waylon Hilton, is a descendent of the Hilton dynasty. By accessing the family archives she could well return to the US with clear evidence of her illustrious family lineage.
More plausible rumors have it that Paris's great-grandfather was some German-Norwegian innkeeper named Conrad Hilton. She does, though, have Irish ancestry.
[Photo credit: Peter Schäfermeier]

Miriam Robbins

This is so hot!

(Sorry, Chris, I couldn't resist...LOL!)


You are forgiven.

Robert Baca

Maybe she'll find out her family comes from an obscure little town in New Mexico.

Rumor has it that her 2nd great grandparents are buried about 100 feet from my parents. That could mean that we're related.

Or, not. Either way, that's hot.


New Mexico? That is hot.

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