Friday, August 24, 2007

Sons' Sub Search Successful

Here's an update of a story I blogged about last year. The sons of a World War II submarine commander have likely found their father's resting place on the floor of the Bering Sea.

The discovery of the USS Grunion on Wednesday night culminates a five-year search led by the sons of its commander, Mannert Abele, and may finally shine a light on the mysterious last moments of the doomed vessel.

"Obviously, this is a very big thing," the oldest son, Bruce Abele, said Thursday from his home in Newton, Mass. "I told my wife about it when she was still in bed and she practically went up to the ceiling."
As news of the search spread, several relatives of the Grunion's crew banded together to locate others with ties to the lost men. To date, the relatives of 69 men are following the progress of the search, said Mary Bentz of Bethesda, Md., whose uncle died on the Grunion. [Link]
Relatives of every crew member save one—Byron Allen Traviss of Detroit—have been located.
Bentz knows little about Traviss beyond his birthplace, Detroit, the name of his father, Russell A. Traviss, and his 1942 address, 4344 Tireman St.

The address is now a vacant lot. Neighbors said they never heard of Traviss.

Detroit directories from the 1930s listed the name of his wife as Ann and his jobs as electrician and autoworker. [Link]
You can contact the search team through their website if you have information on Traviss' family.

Update: A day later, and a relative of Traviss has been found.

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