Thursday, August 09, 2007

Superman's Secret Identity

Pat and Sheena Wheaton's bid to name their son "4Real" was shot down by New Zealand authorities.

Undeterred, the Wheatons now plan to call their newborn son Superman, but have said they will refer to him as 4Real.

The baby's family argues that if people can be known as John Williams III, for example, then why can a number not be used at the beginning of a name? [Link]
When they babyproof their home, I hope they put the kryptonite out of reach.
[Thanks, Nancy!]

Miriam Robbins

So if his name is 4Real for real, since his parents are only using Superman as his official name, then he can use Laslo Bane's lyrics as his personal theme song: "I'm no Superman" (as heard during the opening credits of the television show, Scrubs).


That's my favorite five-second theme song!

While I was writing the post, I was thinking of a different set of opening credits.

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