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Genealogue Challenge #13

Under what name is "Granny" from TV's The Beverly Hillbillies listed in the 1920 census?

Extra credit to anyone who can confirm that the woman she is buried with is her sister.


Irene Noblette, later Irene Ryan, is listed as Eileen J. Noblitt on the 1920 census, living in San Francisco with her widowed mother Katie and her sister Annie and brother in law Virgil Wilkerson/Wilkenson.

The 1930 census shows a widowed Anna Wilkerson living in her mother Catherine Noblitt's household, along with a divorced Seth Thompson. The assumption is that the Anna Thompson buried with Irene Ryan is Anna Noblette Wilkerson Thompson, who later married the Seth Thompson in the household, but I haven't found any documentation.



Eileen J Noblitt age 17 b. TX, actress/Theatre
mother: Katie J Noblitt widow b. Ireland
In 1920: Living in San Francisco Assembly District 24, San Francisco, California.

23 Nov 1963 Lima OH newspaper says:
"Twice married and divorced, Irene lives with her sister, Anna Thompson, in a two bedroom, two-bath early American model house in Santa Monica"


Find a grave-
Notes her as Irene's sister.

Eileen J Noblitt is a listing in the 1920 Census -
With mother Katie, as immigrant, and Sister Anna Wilkenson, of the right age, and born in KS

Eileen, born in Texas and the right age is probably our Irene Ryan.


Holy smokes, I sleep in on a Sunday and I miss an entire challenge. No fair! lol

Tex is either a west coaster or he stayed up all night just to be first!



Yes, she was "Eileen J. Noblitt."

The newspaper article Judy dug up pretty well confirms my suspicion that the two women were sisters. Based on Anna's entry in California Death Records, we can conclude that their mother's maiden name was McSharry.

Interestingly, IMDb says that Anna appeared in a silent film with Lon Chaney in 1915.


for Janice--Tex does not live on the west coast, she just has insomnia. She faded, however, before she could confirm that Anna was Irene's sister. Hopefully, Chris won't take that personally. :-)


The earliest census I could find on this family was 1885 KS State census of Leavenworth County:
page 533
Noblet, James 26, Soldier, born NC
Katie 19, born Ireland
Annie 5 months, born KS

A marriage record for James Noblett to Katie McSharry might be found in Leavenworth County.


Nicely done, Terri! The 1880 census shows a James Noblett from North Carolina stationed in Alabama with Co. G, US Army, probably at the Mount Vernon Arsenal.

James Pylant

J. M. Noblitt and Katie McSharry were married in Leavenworth County, Kansas, on 16 January 1884.


Thanks, James!


I noticed you had Irene born in TX However, the census shows she was born in California. Dad is burried in the military cemetery beside his wife. He died 1913 and she died 1931


The 1910 census says that she was born in California, but the 1920 census says in Texas. Her death certificate supposedly gives her place of birth as Texas.

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