Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #15

We've dealt with Granny, so now it's time for Jed.

On what date did Buddy Ebsen's mother arrive in the United States?


Frances Wendt arrived aboard the ship Scandia with her family on 5 Jan 1891.

I'm surprised you haven't slipped in one of your brick walls for us to chew on as a challenge.


Francisca Wendt arrived January 5, 1891, on the ship Scandia.


Francisca Wendt arrived in NYC with her family aboard the Scandia 5 Jan 1891. This family shows two daughters the right ages to be Frances and sister-in-law Marie E. Wendt shown on the 1910 census for the Christian Ebsen household.

and Miss Scarlet killed Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the library.

Drew Smith

Frances (Francesca) Wendt arrived with her parents and siblings on board the Scandia on January 5, 1891.


You all got it! Buddy must have been a great actor, because I was convinced he came from hillbilly stock.

Judy, if I let you knock down my brick walls, I'll have nothing to do for the rest of my life.

Tex, here's your next challenge: find Colonel Mustard's World War II service record.


FYI - The Ebsen's had a swimming school in Belleville, IL around the time of the 1910 census. Here is a link to a postcard I own of the school. It was sent May 15, 1915. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1089/1329533477_84349a76b6.jpg


Here's a clickable link. Thanks, Susan!

From Alvin Louis Nebelsick's 1951 A history of Belleville (p. 257):

"In June 1902, Christian L. Ebsen, who was at that time the physical culture instructor for the Turner Society, purchased the lake known as Knispel's Lake in the Star Brewery Park. It was one of the most popular resorts for swimming and outings for many years."


I am supposed to be a relative of Buddy Ebson/and Wendt familiy. My father (now deceased) was almost a twin in appearance. Does anyone know where a family tree or genealogical website might give his ancestors.



I'm not aware of any comprehensive Ebsen/Wendt genealogy online. If you'd like to email me some details on your father's family, I could ask my readers to try to find a connection.


I, TOO, am supposed to be related to Mr Ebsen. My father, also a Wendt (DOB 1903, now deceased), told that he was Buddy's cousin. I have yet to find any genpage myself, either.

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