Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #16

How about one more Beverly Hillbillies challenge?

What was the maiden name of Nancy Kulp's maternal grandmother?


I'll go with Lubold ...


Wow this was hard, I hope it's Conley?

Nancy Kulp's mother is Majorie Snyder Kulp. Her grandmother is Mayme Conley Snyder.


The correct answer is Mary F. Conley (also called "Mame" or "Mayme").

Nancy was the daughter of Robert Tilden and Marjorie (Snyder) Kulp. This blurb from a Pennsylvania newspaper shows that her maternal grandmother was "Mrs. W. A. Snyder." Enumerated in the 1900 census of Lamar Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, were William A. and Mayme Snyder, their daughter "Margery," and Mayme's parents: James R. and Sarah F. Conley.


I tried to find an obit but came up empty, so I worked backward from the census. Since RTK was originally from Juniata County, I hypothesized it was Marjorie who was responsible for them being located in Dauphin County at Nancy's birth. The only Marjorie S in the Dauphin Co census in 1910 (before their marriage) was Marjorie S Byerly. Her mother was Amelia Lubold. Oh well.


Nice try, Doogles. Tentative answers are acceptable in genealogy, so long as they are offered tentatively.


I'm with MaryB--this one was hard!!

I used to tell my students that the the process of getting to the answer was just as important and probably a more valuable skill than just "knowing the answer."

My face is now mirroring their disbelief. :-)


My answer was tentative, for sure. Marjorie Byerly was out of her parent's nest by 1920 but nothing specific (other than first name and middle initial) to tie her to Kulp. Her age was off a couple of years from 1910 to 1930, so I knew I was speckalatin'. Was anyone able to find the Kulps in 1920?

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