Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #17

This challenge is presented with the help of Bob Dylan, circa 1965.

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For those who can't view the video, Bob asks, "Where were my maternal grandpa and grandma buried? Extra credit if you can find the maiden name of my ma's ma's ma?"


Gotta run, but I believe ma's ma's ma's maiden name would be Jaffe.


Benjamin D. Stone and Forence S. Edelstein Stone, parents of Beatrice Stone Zimmerman, are buried in the Hebrew Cemetery in Superior, Wisconsin.

The sources I can find list Florence's mother as Libby Edelstein--I haven't been able to determine if her maiden AND married name are both Edelstein--still looking.


I just can't seem to find the name of the exact cemetery. One source indicated there were 3 Jewish cemeteries in Duluth.
Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) was the son of:
Abraham Zimmerman and Beatrice "Beatty" Stone (Solemovitz?) Zimmerman.
Both Beatrice and Abraham were buried in a Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of Duluth.
Beatrice's mom's maiden name was Florence S. Jaffe. Her parents were Benjamin H. & Lybba Jaffe Edelstein.


Bob Dylan's parents were
Abraham & Beatrice "Beatty" (Stone) Zimmerman
Beatrice Stone's parents were Benjamin H. & Florence (Edelstein) Stone
Florence Edelstein's parents were Benjamin H. & Lybba/Libbe (Jaffe[e]) Edelstein
Lybba Jaffe(e)'s parents were Aaron & Leah Jaffe(e)

So, his ma's ma's ma was Lybba/Libbe whose maiden name was Jaffe(e)


Though he claimed that "Grandpa died last week, and now he's buried in the rocks," Bob's maternal grandparents are buried in the Hebrew Cemetery in South Superior, Wisconsin. Both died in Minnesota, and Florence's death certificate gives her mother's maiden name as Jaffe (this is confirmed by the death certificates of some of her siblings).


How did folks find the cemetery in Wisconsin? Also, how did Janice find Lybba's parents' names? I'm using this as a learning experience, so I'd like to learn!

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