Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #18

I'm going to leave Challenge #17 open until this evening. In the meantime...

On what date did George and Ira Gershwin's mother arrive in America?

Extra credit: On what date did her father die?


Rosa Bruskin arrived:
26 Feb 1892 aboard the ship: Sorrento


This may be Rose Gershwin's father:
Bruskin, Berke 63 y Nov 7, 1912 Manhattan

It's within the time period of between the 1910 census when he's listed as Gerson and 1920 when his wife Mary is listed as a widow.

Not sure about the first name--


George and Ira Gershwin's mother, Rosa Bruskin, Arrived 26 Feb 1892 on ship "Sorrento" in New York.



Judy and Janice found the right date of arrival.

Tex is on the right track for finding Rose's father's death record. The spelling of his name is different than in census records and the passenger list. Keep trying!


Gerschen Brushkin, age 62, died in Manhattan on Apr 22, 1917.

Now stop this! I really have to get the laundry done and the floors vacuumed.



Sharon, dedicated genealogists should be ready and willing to live in filth. I myself haven't showered in a month.

And you are correct, it was Gerschen Brushkin, whose death certificate appears in this index.

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