Thursday, September 06, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #20

This challenge concerns late actor Billy Barty.

When his father changed the family name, why (probably) did he choose "Barty"?


Billy Barty (born Guillermo Giuseppe Bertanzetti aka William John Bertanzetti) was the son of Albert Steven Bertanzetti.

Albert Steven Bertanzetti's father's name was Bartolo Bertanzetti. No doubt Bartolo's nickname was "Barty."



Bartolo was listed as "Barty" in the 1910 census for East Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. His name in the 1900 census is illegible, but HeritageQuest indexes him as "Barly."

Nice job!


Way to go, Janice! I can now stop looking and get on with my chores.

Or not.

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