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Genealogue Challenge #21

Natalie Schafer is best known for her role as Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island.

On what date did her parents marry?

Extra credit: Who was her maternal grandfather?

Drew Smith

According to the American Jewish Archives, her maternal grandfather was Solomon Tim. Her mother, Jennie (Jane) Tim married Charles E. Schafer.

According to the December 10, 1899 issue of the New York Times, this marriage was to take place at Delmonico's at 6:30pm on December 20.


Charles Schafer married Jennie Tim on December 20, 1899 in Manhattan.


Solomon Teim/Tim is her maternal grandfather's name. Still looking for the marriage date of her parents. It's gotta be about 1899-1900 based on the 1910 census, but where?

Still looking


For grandpa, I'm going to go with Solomon Tim, shirtmaker (etc.), though I can't prove it.


The wedding was 20 Dec. 1899 at Delmonico's. whew


Charles Emanual Schafer married Jennie Elizabeth Lim 20 Dec 1899 Manhattan, NY NY

Paternal Grandparents Samuel M Lim and Sophie Schwab (strictly a guess from unverified data found)

1. Found Natalie in the 1910 Manhattan NY Census - parents Charles and Jennie. Listed as having been married 10 years
2. Found Charles & Jennie living with brother-in-law in 1900 Manhattan Census. Showed they'd been married 6 months and the census was taken on 2 June 1900
3. Started looking for online marriage records. Found an IGI extraction of NY Marriage records with the above data. I haven't found Jennie listed as a daughter of a Samuel and Sophie Schwab Lim, so that data is suspect.


Found archived 1915 NYT article that ties the marriage of Solomon Tim's daughter to the son of Samuel Schafer. (Kids' first names not mentioned.) Charles Schafer is listed as a son of Samuel in 1880, as is sister Mamie, with whom both Charles & Jennie Schafer are living in 1900. Case closed.


Marriage of Charles Emanual Schafer and Jennie Elizabeth Lim 20 Dec 1899 Manhattan, NY NY
Paternal Granddparents Samuel M Lim and Sophie Schwab

1. Found Natalie in the 1910 Manhattan NY NY Census
Parents, Charles and Jennie Schafer, had been married 10 years.
2. Found Charles and Jennie living with brother-in-law in 1900 Manhattan NY NY Census.
Census was taken 2 Jun 1900.
Charles and Jennie listed that they'd been married 6 months.
3. Started looking for NY marriage records.
Found an IGI marriage extract from NY records as shown above.
Another UNVERIFIED record shows the parents of Jennie, therefore the maternal grandparents of Natalie
would be the above listed Lim/Schwab folks.


I could not find the exact day but Jennie Tim married Charles Schafer in Dec 1899, according to her brother Louis's marriage announcement in 1900.

Jennie's father was:
Solomon Tim.


Good job, folks. Charles and Jennie (Tim) Schafer were indeed married on 20 Dec. 1899 (also indexed here). The California Death Index confirms her mother's maiden name.

Both the Schafers and the Tims were wealthy families, though perhaps not in the same league as Thurston J. Howell III.


Solomon Tim was born in Alabama. He moved to NY and became a successful clothing manufacturer.

J. Henry Rothschild was born in Alabama and also migrated with family to NYC. His brother, Martin, (the one we learned went down on the Titanic) was also a successful clothing manufacturer.

Apparently both families were of German/Jewish descent.

I'm mostly familiar with the migration paths from New England to the Midwest and West; also from VA to KY to the Midwest.

I was not so aware of the migration path from Germany to ALABAMA to New York. Maybe the port of Mobile was the initial draw.

Anyway, I learned something new today. Thanks, Chris (and John!)


Thanks to deb for giving the step-by-step of her search.

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