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Genealogue Challenge #24

Inventor Philo T. Farnsworth transmitted his first television image 80 years ago last Friday.

  1. Find the doctor who signed his father's death certificate.
  2. Find the doctor's undertaker.
  3. How did the undertaker die?
Update: Just to be clear, you'll have to find records of three deaths: Philo's father, Philo's father's doctor, and Philo's father's doctor's undertaker. The third of these men died in an unusual way.


Philo Taylor Farnsworth born 19 May 1877 was the father of Philo T. Farnsworth [TV inventor]. He died in Salt Lake City: 4 Oct 1952.
His Dr. was: James Rex Miller MD.
His undertaker was:
Clyde Early who died the next year of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Wouldn't it be grand if all states had their death certificates online as does UT?


Geez, I was confused.
Try #2....:
Philo T. Farnsworth's father was: Lewis Farnsworth who died 8 Jan 1924.
Lewis's doctor was:
C.H. Carroll (Charles Hardy Carroll).
Charles Hardy Carroll died of septicemia due to strepticocci from a middle ear infection.
His undertaker was:
Anson Hatch


C.H.(Charles Hardy)Carroll, MD signed the death certificate for Lewis Edwin Farnsworth, Philo's father. His death was 8 Jan 1924 in Provo.

Dr. Carroll died 30 Sep 1925, also in Provo, and the undertaker of record on his deatch certificate was Anson Hatch.

Mr. Anson Hatch died November 1937 when a furnace he and his brother Paxman were installing in the the undertaking parlor exploded. His brother also died.


If Anson Hatch is the undertaker and IF I have the right Anson Hatch? then he died of acute nephritis. the rest is a bit difficult to make out. "burns of body with...."?


9 Nov 1937 Ogden Standard
PROVO, Nov. 9—(AP) —Pazman
Hatch, 48, Grandview carpenter burned when the furnace in the Hatch mortuary here exploded Sunday, died-today. Hatch and his brother, Anson, owners of the mortuary, were burning trash when the blast occurred. Anson Hatch, severely burned, was reported recovering; Physicians said his eyes were injured but he could see with one and they hoped to save the other.


Yes. it was a mortuary explosion. The death certificates can be found here, and the newspaper accounts here.

Those Utah records are so darn accessible I had to make this one a little complicated.

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