Monday, September 10, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #26

The last Edsel Ford challenge was too easy, so let's try another.

What was the maiden name of Edsel Ford Cartmill's mother?

Extra credit if you can prove my hunch that she died in 1984.


Ancestry OneWorldTree says her name was Ada Clara Nelson and that she died 20 Feb 1984.

There are no sources provided so I"ll keep looking.


OK, Edsel Ford Cartmill's 1931 West Virginia death certificate gives his mother's maiden name as Nelson.

On to try to find her death record for 1984.



I'm not sure this is PROOF but it sure points in the right direction.

The 1930 US Census of Huntington, Cabell Co., West Virginia, shows "Ford E. Cartmill" age 9 living with family including parents R.H. (Robert H.) and Ada C. Cartmill. Another of RH and Ada's children is Donald J. Cartmill, age 8.

The obituary of Donald J. Cartmill for June 4, 2007 states: DONALD JAMES CARTMILL, 85, husband of Evelyn Weber Cartmill, died Saturday, June 2 at St. Joseph Hospital. He was a native of Huntington W.Va., son of the late Robert Cartmill and Ada Nelson Cartmill Wheeler.

And indeed I find Ada Nelson, b abt 1899 in the 1910 US Census of Mccomas, Cabell Co, West Virginia, dau of Ferdinand & Jamie Nelson.

In searching for the social security death index, I find an Ada Wheeler (the same surname as shown in her son's death record) as shown below, born in 1899 (so the right year) and the only Ada Wheeler that seems to fit the profile. That SSDI says she died Feb 1984.

Probably sending away for her SSDI info would be part of your proof.



Her maiden name was Nelson.

I haven't been able to find proof to support your theory of her death date. I did find an SSDI entry for an Ada Nelson that gives her death date as Feb 1984 but the location is Asheville, NC and the number was issued in New York so I doubt that is her. There is no entry for an Ada Cartmill in the SSDI.


Edsel's mother was:
Ada Clara Nelson
married 1st Robert Cartmill
2nd to __ Wheeler.
Their son Donald James Cartmill's obit lists parents as:
the late Robert Cartmill, & Ada Nelson Cartmill Wheeler.
SSI has:
Name: Ada Wheeler
SSN: 234-05-7186
Last Residence: 25705 Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia, United States of America
Born: 13 Feb 1899
Died: Feb 1984
State (Year) SSN issued: West Virginia (Before 1951 )


Nelson ... daughter of Ferdinand. (No proofs yet.)


Proof of maiden name Nelson is found here.


Her maiden is Lawhorn.

Edsel Ford's Mother is Ava Nelson Cartmill and her mother is Jennie Lawhorn Nelson.

I can find her marriage record in West Virginia to F. B. Nelson in 1898. No luck on the death yet.


The Feb 13 1899 date of birth for Ada Wheeler as given in the SSDI coincides with the same dob found in Ancestry World Tree for Ada Nelson (later Cartmill.) However, this date is not consistent with the Aug 1898 (or 1899) date given for Ada Nelson in the 1900 census. There are Huntington Adas listed in SSDI with names other than Cartmill who were born in either Aug of 98 and Aug of 99, but no evidence I can find that would tie any of them to Ada Nelson Cartmill, mother of Edsel Ford Cartmill.


oops, can I change my answer? I can't play when I'm tired. Edsel's mother's maiden name is Nelson.


Perhaps Ada's dob per the 1900 census is wrong. This obituary indicates Ada Cartmill did indeed become Ada Wheeler, and that Ada did die in 1984.


Found obit for another of Ada Nelson Cartmill's sons: Donald James Cartmill - died at age 85. It listed his parents as Ada Nelson Cartmill Wheeler, so Ada's maiden names was Nelson and she remarried a Wheeler. I found a SS Death Index entry for Ada Wheeler in Cabell West Virginia. Shows birth date of 13 Feb 1899 and Death date of Feb 1984.


Nice work, everyone! It's probable that she was the Ada Wheeler who died in 1984, but a little more legwork might be necessary to nail it down.


Ada Cartmill is my husband's late Greatgrandma. If we can help with any info let me know.

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