Thursday, September 13, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #29

The actor who appears in this film clip also introduced a popular TV show in the 1960s.

What was his mother's maiden name?


Again, I'm stuck. I'm not very good with New York records, so it's a great learning experience. I'll post this to help others.

I think his name is Colin Male.
It was the Andy Griffith show with which he was associated.
His father was George F Male. His father was first married to Carolyn ____, but they divorced, and the Buffalo NY 1930 Census finds George F (age 37), wife Audrey A (29), Colin (4) and Jay J (1).

I can't find the marriage listing or an obit for Audrey to find her maiden name.

Good luck,


Yes, Deb, that did help!
A search of obituaries gave me a Cheryl "Cheri" Audrey Weiss who died in Charlotte. Born in Buffalo in 1938, She was preceded in death by a brother Colin Male. She was the daughter of George and Audrey Sauer Male.
In 1910, Audrey A. Sauer is living with her parents Joseph and Emma in Buffalo.


Great teamwork! Colin George Male was the son of George F. and Audrey A. (Sauer) Male of Buffalo.

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