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Genealogue Challenge #30

I have an old bottle on my shelf labeled "F. W. KINSMAN DRUGGIST AUGUSTA ME."

What was the full name of F. W. Kinsman's son-in-law's eldest son?

Randy Seaver

Frank Woodman Kinsman Kidder, born 1 Sep 1886, died 1 Aug 1956 in Los Angeles CA. He was the son of Albert A. Kidder and Hattie Lee Kinsman, who married 13 Nov 1882 in Kennebec County ME.

The process:

1) 1870 Census - Frank W. Kinsman family is in Augusta, Kennebec, ME with daughter Etta L.

2) 1880 Census - F W Kingsman family is in Augusta, Kennebec, ME, with daughter Hatie age 22, born ME

3) Ancestry One World Tree database for Frank W. Kinsman family lists Hattie Lee Kinsman, born 19 Sep 1856 as only daughter who survived childhood.

4) LDS FamilySearch listed two marriages for a Hattie Lee Kinsman in Kennebec County ME - 1st on 10 Jul 1877 to Henry Parcher, 2nd on 13 Nov 1882 to Albert A. Kidder.

5) 1900 Census for Springfield Ward 8, Hampden County MA has Albert A. Kidder family with wife Hattie L Kidder born Sep 1857 in ME, married 16 years, 4 children born, 4 living. Eldest son is Frank M. K. Kidder, born Sep 1886 in NM.

6) Ancestry search for Frank Kidder results in CA Death Index entry for Frank Woodmank Kidder born 1 Sep 1886 in CT, died 1 Aug 1956 in Los Angeles County CA.

7) BGMI on Ancestry shows him as Frank Woodman Kinsman Kidder, 1886-1956.

I'm willing to bet that F W Kinsman's middle name was Woodman! That might have been even more difficult to determine!

I wonder what happened to poor Henry Parcher? I couldn't find him in ME in the 1880 census. Did he die after marrying Hattie?

Good one - thanks. It's nice to get in early on one of these finally!


Hattie Lee Kinsman married Albert Augustus Kidder 1882. Their oldest son was named Frank W. K. Kidder, b. 1886 in New Mexico.

This is the only marriage listed for Albert Kidder in the Drew Seminary alumni directory.


Frank W. K. Kidder


The W stands for Woodmank


That was a painful search. Here's the process in case anyone is interested. I always have questions as to how someone found something. I figure I can learn from them:

F W Kinsman, Druggist, Maine

Found bottle on ebay. They said about 1875, so that gave me a starting date.

1880 Augusta District 83, Kennebec, Maine Census
1880 Kinsman, Frank W Jr w m 21 single ME ME ME
Living in large group with
Guffey, Chas H w m 27 druggist
Frank showed no occupation

1900 Augusta District 104 Kennebec Maine Census
Sewell? Street
60 189 212 Kinsman, Frank W Jr head w m Jan 1833 67 m 49 ME ME ME druggist
, Octavia A wife w f Jan 1833 67 m 49 5 3 ME ME ME
Coombs ,Eva A servant w f Sept 1880 19 s ME ME ME servant

They've been married 49 years, so the Frank in 1880 above is probably their son

1870 August Kennebec Maine Census
382 406 Kinsman, Frank W 37 m w druggist 3000 4000 Maine
, Octavia A 39 f keeping house Maine
, Ralph B 17 m clerk in drug store Maine
, Etta L 13 f attending school Maine
, Willie 11 m attending school Maine
, Freddie G 7 m attending school Maine
, John 49? m without occupation Maine

The above shows 4 children. In the 1900 Octavia said she had 5, so I need to see if there is another daughter
1860 Augusta Kennebec Maine Census
57 62 Francis W Kinsman 27 m druggist 800 1500 Maine
, Octavia 29 f Maine
, Ralph B 8 m Maine
, Francis W Jr 2 m Maine [this is probably Willie]
, Harriet 3 f Maine [this is probably Etta]

I only see the 21 year old Frank Kinsman in the 1880 census - trying to see if there's another daughter.

Hattie Lee Kinsman born 19 Sep 1856 Augusta, Kennebec, Maine to Frank W Kinsman & Octavia A Greeley
another source shows her name as Hattie Beecher Kinsman and a birthdate of Feb 1856
A marriage is shown for Hattie L Kinsman to Henry H Parcher 10 Jul 1877 in Kennebec Maine
A marriage is shown for Hattie L Kinsman to Albert A Kidder 13 Nov 1882 in Kennebec Maine

Found another daughter listed as Sarah Lottie Kinsman born 27 Feb 1854; source shows she died in 1856

Parents of Frank W (married to Octavia) are listed in one source as John Kinsman & Sarah B Chandler
Frank W's birthdate is listed as 5 Jan 1833; married in Providence, RI 8 Jul 1851

1900 Springfield Ward 9 Hampden District 598 MA Census
86 157 186 Kidder, Albert head w m Jul 1858 41 m 16 MA MA MA clergyman
, Hattie L wife w f Sep 1857 42 m 16 f f Maine maine maine
, Florence M dau w f Nov 1884 15 s NY MA ME
, Frank W K son w m Sep 1886 13 s New Mexico, MA ME
, Albert A Jr son w m Oct 1888 11 s MA MA ME
, Ralph G son w m Oct 1892 7 s MA MA ME
White, Isabella domestic b f Aug 1878 21 s MA MA ME

Frank Woodmank Kidder
California Death Index, 1940-1997
about Frank Woodmank Kidder
Name: Frank Woodmank Kidder
Social Security #: 700161627
Birth Date: 1 Sep 1886
Birthplace: Connecticut
Death Date: 1 Aug 1956
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Kinsman
Father's Surname: Kidder

Notice it shows birthplace as Connecticut


Randy gets the prize today: the eldest son's full name was Frank Woodman Kinsman Kidder, after his maternal grandfather.

(Note that the grandfather was called "Francis" in early census records, so "Frank" might have been a nickname for both men.)

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