Friday, September 14, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #31

Character actor Ian Wolfe had roles in more than 270 movies and TV shows—my favorite being Hirsch the butler on WKRP in Cincinnati. His Wikipedia and IMDb bios are pretty thin, considering his long resume.

As a first step, find his wife's maiden name.

I've had no luck figuring out his parentage using the census and free online resources. Can anyone out there prove my incompetence and find Ian in the 1900-1920 censuses?


According to his California death record, his mother's maiden name was Wilson.

From the Illinois marriages, a Marcus A Wolfe married a Mary R Wilson 1/1/85 in Fulton Co ILL.

Searching for a Marcus Wolfe, I found the following a Marcus and Mary Wolfe (both born in Ill.) with a son named Ian (Ian was read as Saud by the indexers) in the 1900 Grand Island District 82 Hall County Nebraska Census. Obviously not proof, but looks good.



AND that didn't show incompetence - just shows I have way too much free time on my hands this week!!!


This site lists his wife (with maiden name) and children.



Yes, his wife was Elizabeth Schroder (the 1930 census says she was Austrian, not Australian).

You have indeed proven me incompetent by finding Ian in the 1900 census, Deb. I bow before your genealogical prowess.

The family was living in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1910, where Ian was enumerated as "Marcus," which must have been his middle name.

I still haven't found him in the 1920 census (he appeared in a play in New York City in October of that year).

Here's an abstract of his father's death notice from 1950. How did I miss that?

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