Saturday, September 15, 2007

Genealogue Challenge #32

Humphrey Bogart's third wife was an actress named Mayo Methot.

Who was her first husband?


Methinks this is a trick question and her first husband is not Percy Morgan. She is listed as a 27 year old divorcee in the 1930 census, having married at age 18. In 1920, she is listed with her parents in Oregon, age sixteen and single. So it looks like she was married in the early 1920s and divorced by 1930. She was married to Morgan in 30s so must've had one before him. (Note to self: keep looking.)


John M Lamond, whom she married in 1923 in Vancouver, WA. Mayo filed for divorce in 1927 in New York.

Craig Manson

Mayo Methot (b. 3 Mar 1904, Chicago, Ill; d. 9 Jun 1951, Portland, Ore.) was married to New Yorker John M. Lamond in 1923 when she was 19 years old. They divorced in 1927.


Mayo Methot's first husband was John M. Lamond. They were married in Vancouver, WA, in 1923 according to the Evening State Journal and Lincoln News (Oct. 7, 1927). The Oakland Tribune (Oct. 5, 1927)states that she applied for divorce from Lamond on the grounds of incompatibility and non-support.


Methinks this was a trick question, but not tricky enough. Mayo did indeed marry John M. Lamond before her marriage to Percy T. Morgan.


Tricky enough to keep us on our toes :)

Interesting tidbit I picked during the exercise: apparently folks crossed from Portland OR to Vancouver WA in great numbers because a marriage license did not require a waiting period nor a blood test. Impulsive gal, she must have been.

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