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Genealogue Challenge #35

Florrie Fisher was the motivational speaker who inspired the comedy series Strangers with Candy.

What was her mother's maiden name?

Extra credit: On what date did her mother arrive in the United States?


Florence "Florrie" Fisher's mother's maiden name was Pauline Ginsberg. The census says she immigrated to the US in 1900, am still hunting for the date.



If this is a duplicate post, I apologize in advance. I tried before and couldn't tell if it gave me an error after typing the little letters or not....

Answers: It looks like Ginsberg is her mother's maiden name and it looks like she came to this country in 1900 or 1901. I

have been unable to find the immigration or naturalization record. I found the one for Pauline's dad (supposedly), but

supposedly he came BEFORE the rest of the family. The soft spot in all this is also the fact that I haven't found a REAL

marriage record to link THIS Pauline Ginsberg up with the Morris Fisher in NY.
Gosh there's a LOT of incorrect info written on genealogy sites. It looks like they just find someone with the same name and

ASSUME it's their guy - disregarding the facts..... ouch....

From imdb.com
Florence Fisher b: 18 Sep 1918 Brooklyn NY
this source also listed the names of her three spouses

so I looked for a Florence Fisher 1) in NY NY - found too many 2) Brooklyn. Found the following

1920 Brooklyn Assembly District 16, District 1005, Kings Co NY Census
121 22 39 Fisher, Morris head m w 38 m 1896 NA 1902 Russia Jewish Russia Jewish Russia Jewish Collector Life

, Pauline wife f w 32 m UN NA Russia Jewish Russia Jewish Russia Jewish
, Gertrude daughter f w 8 s NY - Russia Jewish Russia Jewish
, Ivan son m w 5 s NY - Russia Jewish Russia Jewish
, Florence daughter f w 15 mos. s NY - Russia Jewish Russia Jewish

Need to know if this was the correct one and if Morris was her father. Found the following:

[I have no idea as to the validity of THIS data either....]
Florence "Florrie" Fisher was born to a pair of European immigrants on September 18, 1918 and was raised on 64th Street in

Bensonhurst, a middle-class neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Her father Morris (called Max within the family), a Russian

Jew, was an agent for Metropolitan Life

An unverified family tree on ancestry - looked for Florence Fisher, but there were too many, so I looked for Ivan Fisher and

found a family for Ivan that matched the above census record. From it, the following UNVERIFIED info:
Morris Fisher married Pauline Ginsberg
The UNVERIFIED trees I found listed the parents of Pauline as Isaac and Riva/Rebecca ____ Ginsberg

Not very readable on ancestry.com
1910 Manhattan Ward 20 District 1183 NY NY Census
? ? ? ginsberg, Isaac head m w ? m 26 Russia - ?? immigrated 1891 ??under store
, Rabaka wife 49 m 26 9 7 immigrated 1900
, Mollie dau f w 25 s imm 1900
, Pauline dau f w 23 s imm 1900
, Celia dau f w 20 s .. imm 1900
, Barnst son m w 18 ... imm 1900
, Sophie dau f w 14 ... imm 1900
, Susie dauf w 11 Russia .... imm 1900
, Gillie dau f w 7 NY ....
Balcoff, Ralph nephew m w 20 s imm 1902 street car conductor

1920 Bronx Assembly District 5 District 308 Bronx NY Census
- - 203 Ginsberg, Isaac head m w 57 m 1900 na 1905 russia yiddish .... plumber
, Rebecca wife f w 58 m 1901 na 1905 Russia .....
, Mollie crossed off
, Barney son m w 28 m 1901 na 1905 russia ...Salesman retail
, Sophie dau m?? w 24 s 1901 na 1905 russia .... hat maker millinery
, Viola dau f w 20 s 1901 na 1905 Russia ... bookkeeper
, Tillie dau f w 17 s NY Russia/Yiddish Russia/yiddish stenographer

I haven't found an immigration record, but after finding the 1920 census, found the naturalization record of the person who

APPEARS to be the correct Isaac Ginsberg. According to the 1910 census, he came to this country BEFORE his family,

but I haven't found the immigration or naturalization records of anyone else in the family.

Source Information for the following data:
Ancestry.com. New York Petitions for Naturalization [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.,

2004. Original data: Soundex Index to Petitions for Naturalization filed in Federal, State, and Local Courts located in New

York City, 1792-1906. New York, NY, USA: National Archives and Records Administration, Northeast Region.
NY Petitions for Naturalization 1905:
Isaac Ginsberg
US District Court
27 May 1905
Volume 68
Record # 412
Address: 184 1/2 7 st NYC
Occupation: Plumber
Birthdate or age 1861
Former nationality: Emp of Russia
Port of Arrival in the US: NY NY
Date of Arrival Aug 16 1899
Witnesses: Max Marcus 284 Henry St NYC

The only Isaac Ginsberg in the index for the 1930 census who was born in the 1860's is the following:
Living on Boston Road
1930 Bronx District 312, Bronx NY Census
1451 39 402 Ginsberg, Isaac head m w 66 m 19 russia Russia Russia russian 1905 al yes
, Libby wife f w 66 m 19 Russia Russia Russia 1906 al yes none

ALL conjecture.... no proof......
I'll go ahead and post these so it can help someone else.... I HAVE to get up from this computer SOME time today!!!!


Drew Smith

Ginsberg (according to a Ginsberg Genealogy webpage)


A guess but was it: Pauline Ginsberg?
I think she was the daughter of Isaac & Riva, but I could be way off.


Yes, it was Pauline Ginsberg.

Finding the immigration record may be tricky, as the children's names were Americanized after arrival, and the ages don't quite match the 1910 census. I'm pretty sure I've found the right one, though.

Deb, take a 5-minute break, then get back to work.


I admit defeat. None of the Pauline Ginsburgs (many and various spellings) seem to match with any family close to the family of Isaac and Rebecca Ginsberg.... [uncle]



Don't give up yet, Deb! I found the probable family using Steve Morse's search pages. The 1910 census indicates that the mother and several children arrived in the same year, so look for several Ginsbergs arriving together.


I had also used Steve Morse's site, and had found a nine year old Pauline, but THIS Pauline and family arrived in this country in 1890. This can't be the same family because Susie, sister to Pauline was 11 in 1920 and was born in Russia (or at least NOT in NY). I've obviously missed something somewhere.... Maybe I'll do better next time.


Typo alert: Susie was 11 in 1910, NOT 1920.


On Jul 20, 1900, Riwke Ginzberg and 5 kids arrived in New York on their way to husband/father Eisig. Pauline is listed Pesche, age 10.
Pauline Ginsberg married Morris Fisher in Manhattan on Nov 16, 1910.



Way to go, Sharon! The names were Americanized to Isaac, Rebecca and Pauline.


Wow. I learn something new every time. I don't find any other Isaac Ginzburg family that has a Benjamin or any of the other names, so by default this looks like it HAS to be them. Great job.

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